Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach


Discover the 9 easy steps to melt that stubborn belly fat and keep it from coming back forever!

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Join Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach Mari-Ann Drevvatne. Transform your Body and Health Super Naturally. Lose Weight, Feel Vibrant, Alive, Totally Confident and Sexy. Get Ready for the Beach. Abs are Made in the Winter. Be the Best and Healthiest you Can Be. Fit for Life. Start your Lifestyle and Fitness Transformation. Total Body Makeover Today. What are YOU Waiting for?:) Book a Fitness Consult with me!
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It’s not just about How You Look. It’s How You Feel. Lose Weight. Gain Energy Naturally. Reduce Stress and Fatigue. Lose Fat. Build Lean Muscle. Balance Hormones. Eliminate Pain. Reduce Damage and Soreness. Sleep more Soundly. Think more Clearly. Achieve Vibrant, Optimal Health, Well-Being and Beautiful, Glowing Skin. Transform your Body through Lifestyle, Fitness, Mindset and Nutrition.

Nutrition You are what you eat

Working with me will help you Shed Pounds, Sculpt, Tone, Reclaim Lost Energy, and get your Life and Body back on Track. Great Rates. Contact me for a complimentary consult. Ask me about the 10 day Transformation (click here for more information) Organic Nutrition Package for Guaranteed Results.

Private Lifestyle, Fitness, Total Body Makeover, Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Personal Training and Work Shops Available with a Holistic Whole Body Approach. Join my NEW Dog Friendly, Squamish Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp for Women where you get lots of Personal Attention, Hands-On, Customized Coaching and Rapid Results. Lots of Flex Options Available, including Drop-Ins. Morning and Evenings and/or a Combo of Both. Call or Text me at (604) 787-7738 to get Started.

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Mari-Ann is a Canadian fitness boot camp pioneer, Olympia world finalist, Certified personal trainer and holistic lifestyle fitness coach. Mari-Ann has over 30 years experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry and has a holistic, whole body approach. Located in Squamish, BC, she provides coaching, consulting, outdoor fitness boot camp for women, workshops, seminars, private and group personal training, weight loss, lifestyle and fitness total body makeover, lifestyle fitness retreats, nordic walking experiences and premium organic super foods for the whole family, at wholesale, factory direct.  Mari-Ann can help you achieve your desired goals quickly. Being the best you can be is easy when you have the right support and tools. Mari-Ann can show you the way.

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Organic Anti-Aging Super Natural Skin Care

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Premium Certified Organic Super Food Products

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4 Hour Raw Living Lifestyle Fitness Work Shop

Living and Raw Lifestyle and Fitness Works Shop

Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND LIFESTYLE WITH THE HELP OF HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE FITNESS COACH, MARI-ANN    4 Hour Intensive Raw Living Lifestyle Fitness Work Shop. Private work shop available in the privacy of your home OR business. Learn how to train, how to eat, how to change your body, health, mindset and Lifestyle. This work shop focuses on optimal health and well being through exercise and proper mindset, fueling your body with raw, living whole foods and including it as part of your busy lifestyle. Mari-Ann can also customize her lifestyle and fitness makeover programs to fit your needs and is available for longer bookings.

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Lifestyle and Fitness Retreat in Whistler, BC

Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Retreat

HALF OR FULL DAY LIFESTYLE AND FITNESS RETREAT OR CUSTOMIZED LIFESTYLE FITNESS RETREAT AVAILABLE WITH HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE FITNESS COACH, MARI-ANN. Educational Fitness work outs for all fitness levels workshop style, Seminars on Health, Mind/Body, Wellness, Lifestyle and Holistic Nutrition. Invite your spouse(s), friends or co-workers!

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Holistic Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching With Mari-Ann

Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE FITNESS COACH, OLYMPIA WORLD FINALIST, TEAM CANADA ATHLETE AND CANADIAN FITNESS BOOT CAMP PIONEER WILL HELP YOU TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND RECLAIM YOUR LIFE! CONTACT ME WITH YOUR #1 STRUGGLE! A warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Mari-Ann. I am a lifetime natural athlete, who was born and raised in the land of the midnight sun and was nick named The Nordic Goddess. I have lived in Canada for over 20 years and absolutely LOVE it! I am a holistic lifestyle fitness coach, Canadian fitness boot camp pioneer, Team Canada athlete, Olympia World finalist, living in Squamish, BC. After 30 years in the health and fitness industry, I combine coaching, lifestyle, mindset, fitness and nutrition and specialize in lifestyle fitness makeovers. I provide customized, elite, high end, individual and group training for anyone looking for body and life transformation, adding premium organic, nutrient dense, super foods (optional) to help you gain optimal, vibrant health and well-being.  I use a holistic, whole body approach, to ensure that the best training, mindset and nutrition regime is used to fit your goals and current fitness levels. In order to be successful and get great results, it is important to develop a connection between your heart, mind and body. I will help you “tap into”, connect and align with your body naturally.  This helps release limiting beliefs and mental blocks, that is holding you back from transforming your body and living your greatest life. I LOVE teaching how to listen to your body, work around aches and pains, mindset and stubborn injuries that’s holding you back, helping you be the BEST you can BE! I combine all of my life coaching with holistic nutrition and excellent client follow up to ensure you reach your goals. Make sure you check out my FREE Super Healthy Happy Hour Event in the Product Section “Click here for more information on Products and FREE Super Healthy Happy Hour”,  as I would love to invite you to try out some of my favorite Premium, Organic Super foods. This is also an excellent opportunity to say “hello” and letting me know how I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


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Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach