“Your training is insightful and encouraging. It’s perfect. You continuously motivate us and I couldn’t believe how I could push my body to get the results in such a short amount of time! I am going to encourage everyone who want to improve their physical being to at least try your boot camp, once in their lifetime. As for my busy schedule, I have made boot camp a way of life!

– G.Purewal

“Boot Camp with Mari-Ann is a MUST, whether you are thinking of getting into fitness, or are already in it. It will take you to the next level you want to achieve. Mari-Ann has created a non-intimidating environment, personalized it to your fitness level. It is both fun and challenging at the same time. The most amazing fitness experience I have ever had. There is only ONE boot camp, Mari-Ann’s Boot Camp. Your body is an amazing instrument, play it!

Thank you Mari-Ann!

– Sharon Ryan

“I have never participated in a boot camp before until my best friend (longtime Mari-Ann client), suggested it before my wedding. I have worked out my whole life and thought it would be a waste of money before all my wedding plans. I joined and instantly was addicted and realized what little I knew about working out and being healthy. I have never in my life had someone motivate me so much and get me HUGE results with my body and mind. I was guided personally through proper grocery shopping tips (grocery tour), nutrition plan (developed just for me) and positive thinking (de-stressed me completely). Mari-Ann went beyond my expectations. It was worth every penny. Mari-Ann even worked into her own vacation and constructed a boot camp for my whole wedding party. We all benefited. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see actual results with their body. I told Mari-Ann what I wanted to see and she got me there! I have never worn a bikini in my life and felt absolutely confident walking in it! My wedding day was a truly perfect day! Thank you Mari-Ann XO”

– Natalie Dosange

“Having recently been challenged with very serious and lengthy surgery, I wanted to be in the best possible shape both pre and post-operatively.

There was little time to prepare but I was open to a program of complimentary nutrition that would get me on the right track.
Mari-Ann Drevvatne was there for the rescue!
I am certain that with the professional advice and enthusiasm of Mari-Ann combined with the quality of the Purium products my journey was made easier and more successful.
The shakes were quick to prepare, easy to digest and delivered a fast and powerful infusion of important nutrients I needed. Together with the appropriate capsules, elixirs and drops I am now well on the road to recovery. I am especially impressed that through all the challenges to my system including multiple exposures to hospitals, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, labs, imaging and biopsy procedures, interrupted sleep and general stress, I never once fell victim to a cold, virus or additional health challenge. I sincerely attribute this boosted immune strength and my remarkable and speedy recovery to my Purium regimen and to Mari-Ann’s thoughtful guidance.
Surgery is behind me now but I’m looking  forward to continuing with Mari-Ann and Purium on this healthy path!” 


– N.S – Tennessee

“I have known Mari-Ann for many years. She placed fourth in the world at the INBA Olympia, natural bodybuilding competition, representing Team Canada, in Greece without using any drugs or steroids. If you want help getting in shape, learning exercises, what to eat, what not to eat, recipes, life style change, boot camp. Anything you need, When it comes to your body, Mari-Ann is your girl, even if you have a medical condition, Mari-Ann knows her stuff and has got you covered. She is the best of the best and believe me, I don’t just say that about anyone! She will pour her heart and soul into you! besides all that, she is a fabulous person.

P.S. She also has a great sense of humor!

– Montana Rivera

“Mari-Ann Drevvatne is an incredibly engaging person with a kind heart, and offers positive motivational messages. I found her to be extremely versed in offering different exercise strategies to work the same muscle groups and progressive challenges to add on once strength builds. This helped create a wonderfully customized routine for me with consideration to my injury limitations. I enjoyed the patience she showed me and the interactive way she works within session. I found the experience rewarding, knowing I am an active participant in my own improvement. With the knowledge Mari-Ann shared with me, I feel that my areas of strength and flexibility will greatly improve quickly. She is an outstanding trainer and coach and I can’t wait for my next session!

Session #2 I have to say that the workout is absolutely perfect! You are the most talented coach out there. I am so lucky to have had a session with you. Thank you for taking all that time with me. It’s exactly what I needed to be on the road to wellness. I am also pleased to tell you that I had no crazy reaction the next day and thus far, it seems to be working so, SOOOO well! I have had very mild inflammation that I feel is normal for that area, and I think in two weeks that inflammation will settle. This is a big difference. Before it was over the top and creating a worsening effect. I think this very mild type is okay for the body and is expected. I am comfortable with it. Your wisdom on physical health is infallible. I feel so fortunate to have this!
Thank you for going beyond physical stretches and breaking into a little of the soul. It made an impact.
You touched my whole being! There is no other name that would suit you better then The Nordic Goddess 🙂 THANK YOU!!
Many hugs!!

Courtney Cusack R.H.N.

“After my work with you, Mari-Ann, I felt that GOOD sore that I remember and yet I felt energized in a way I have not felt for a long time. I LOVE it! Working with you was amazing and so effective and I think you are fantastic! Thank you for your time, effort, heartfelt caring and consideration. I am deeply appreciative! Working with you, Mari-Ann has changed how I teach & practice yoga. Students have noticed immediate differences in how their bodies feel after poses that you taught me how to do. Amazing stuff!!! Working with you could be a game changer for me!”

– April Marsden – Hatha and Restorative Yoga Instructor

” I need to thank you for introducing us to your products… Over the past 20+ years I’ve seen and tried almost every supplement on the market and I absolutely love this line:) I found the athletic transformation easy enough to do as I never felt hungry on it and still had good energy and great recovery (surprisingly) I rode 5 days a week- most days more than one horse and still worked out with weights 4 days a week doing a 4 day split routine- the only thing I cut back on was the cardio.
I lost 5 lb but by the end of the 10 days I had my old abs back:)
I am now just waiting for my order to show up so I can continue on.
Thanks again,


” A Fabulous Experience. Thank you for helping me reach my Goals!
The education has been invaluable.”

– Debbie Lloyd – The Body Shop

” Thank you Mari-Ann for helping me to regain my health and embrace being in my body.
I have struggled with my weight and fitness since early
childhood, and have never enjoyed exercising. After years of yo-yo
dieting, I finally gave up and have spent the past 2 decades being 100
pounds overweight. Now in my late 40’s, I have recently felt inspired to
start taking better care of myself, which led me to call you… At
first, I had a great deal of trepidation, telling myself that I had to
be in better shape before I could handle working with a fitness coach,
but when I spoke with you, I immediately felt at ease. I knew you were
the right person who could help me.

I have worked with trainers before who were borderline “abusive”. You
are a breath of fresh air with your “whole-istic” approach. I have never
felt any judgment from you, but have always experienced your heartfelt
caring and compassion, and your genuine desire to help me in all ways.
You have been patient, kind and encouraging, while also being firm and
challenging. I appreciate that you look at what my body really needs,
encouraging me to push past my comfort zone while also honoring my
present limits until I am ready to move beyond them. Most of all, you
make me feel safe to be me, to expand what I am capable of doing, and
explore what I believe I can and cannot do.

Thanks to working with you, I have become stronger, braver, and more
flexible. I have been able to do things that I could not have done
before, like taking a surprisingly aggressive self-defense class –
without injury. I have lost weight and transcended thresholds… I look
forward to working with you and continuing to improve myself with your
support. You actually make it fun for me to work out, stretching myself
on all levels, and letting me become comfortable with being
“uncomfortable”. Thank you for your heart-full and caring approach, and
for being passionate about my well-being. You are a joy to have in my
life! “

– Grace, age 47

” Towards the end of this year, I was a Size 12. I had not exercised for 3 years even though I had a busy business cleaning homes that kept me quite active.
In my spare time, I was a Gourmet Chef who prepared 9 Course Meals with heavy sauces and decadent desserts and an active social life.

A lady with a caring personality and a big heart who entertained with a true East Coast personality, I also frequently surprised my neighbours with all kinds of nice treats and home cooked meals on a regular basis. Despite all of this, my larger body size on my small frame did not leave me feeling very attractive. I also had deteriorated discs in my neck and on a pain scale of 1-10, I was an 8. I was also hyperventilating and out of breath when exercising. Meeting Mari-Ann, The Nordic Goddess at a New Years Party left me feeling motivated to change my body and get my fitness goals back on track when Mari-Ann told me that she was opening up her business in my area.

2 months or 60 days later and continuing to consistently exercise with Mari-Ann, I am feeling great! I am getting tons of compliments everywhere I go and have gone from a size 12 to a size 6 in just 60 days!! I made changes in my eating habits as well as training and eating smaller meals, eating clean and way less heavy sauces with just an occasional quick taste of the desserts. I am feeling GREAT and attractive once again and have changed up my wardrobe with some new and exciting clothes including a new bikini! Replacing the Flab with “Fab” and having way more energy and almost being pain free, I am enjoying my new life and body!”

– Bea Dupuis